Installing VimRepress in MacVim (OSX Lion)

February 7, 2012

Installing VimRepress should be trivial for almost every case but one exception is installing it in MacOSX Lion. If you installed MacVim compiling the source without specifying the architecture it will use the x86_64 (default for Lion) even if you are using homebrew.

The problem is, the python interpreter will not work correctly if you are using the 64 bits version, you need to recompile for the i386 architecture.

If you are not using any package manager you just need to pass the --with-macarchs=i386 to the configure script.

In the case of homebrew you need to change the formula with the command:

$ brew edit macvim

With the formula open search for --with-macarchs and set it to i386 (you will need a little Ruby knowledge).

Uninstall macvim:

$ brew uninstall macvim

And install it again:

It’s important to use the system ruby version when using homebrew (the one that ships with MacOS). If you are using rvm set the current ruby to the system: rvm use system.

$ brew install macvim

If the install was successfully we are ready to install and configure VimRepress.

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