Copying content from vim to Mac OS clipboard

May 27, 2014

As a heavy user of vim and Mac OSX I very often need to copy something from vim to the OS clipboard. This can be easily accomplished with the mouse, but I hate to touch it.

You can copy within the terminal using the pbcopy builtin command. That said we can write the following function:

function! CopyToOSClipboard() range
  exec(":silent !cat %:p | sed -n " . a:firstline . "," . a:lastline . "p | pbcopy")

A brief explanation of what is going on:

  • silent is used to not show the process output into the screen
  • I’m using sed to select between the lines of the range
  • and finally I’m feeding pbcopy with the sed output

Now lets map it to <Leader><Leader>c in normal and visual mode:

nnoremap <Leader><Leader>c :call CopyToOSClipboard()<CR>
vnoremap <Leader><Leader>c :call CopyToOSClipboard()<CR>

Now if you hit <Leader><Leader>c the current cursor line will be copied to the clipboard. Of course you can also go into visual mode, select some lines and press <Leader><Leader>c to copy more than one line.

IMPORTANT Because this function works in the file of the current vim buffer, not in the buffer memory the file needs to be saved.

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